Top 13 Facebook Marketing Tips Part 1

Tips for marketing yourself on Facebook. Because there is no more important brand image to maintain than your own.
Part 1 of a two-part series….

13) Constantly update your Status

This one is a no brainer. If you don’t update your status then why would you even bother marketing yourself via Facebook. If this applies to you, then I suggest that you focus your efforts instead on helping to improve my facebook brand image.

12) Comment on your own Status
By lengthening the visual space surrounding your Status Message you separate it a bit from the neighboring Status Messages in the list.  This makes it more likely to catch the eye of friends scrolling through the list, helping to give prominence to whatever pointless thing it is that you are doing.

11) Blog about your Facebook Status
Cross-promotion is essential.

10) Be either the first or the last to wish someone happy birthday.
If you are first to post on their wall then everyone with subsequent birthday wishes will notice that you were first. If you are last then anyone checking the profile later will see you as the most recent posting.
9) Post on other people’s Walls whenever you have any excuse to.
There are two reasons for this: 1) People will see it and think of you, and 2) The recipient is likely to reciprocate by posting a message onto your Wall boosting your implied popularity.
8) Delete any News Feed messages on your Wall that are unflattering.

For example, if someone posts on your Wall that “you are just a dumbass trying to get attention on Facebook” then apply the golden rule: They are a dumbass and their post should be deleted.

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