The Best Way To Invest

VanguardLong Story Short…

The Best Way To Invest

Is An All-In-One

“Target Retirement Fund” at



Most people should invest their extra money in a simple and diversified Target Retirement Fund.

Vanguard is the best investment company with the lowest expenses.



1) Simple

A) One stop shopping

— This one fund is all you need which makes it easy to keep track of your investments later.

B) Diversification

— This one mutual fund will actually divides your money into 4 funds (U.S. and International, Stocks and Bonds). And each of those funds invests you in hundreds of stocks or bonds. This spreads out your risk and improves performance.

2) Lowest fees

Vanguard consistently has the lowest fees. You can’t really find anyone that will charge you less in fees (although some will match Vanguard’s low level).

Expect 0.20% or less in fees per year.

3) All the benefits of investing

— By investing in stocks and bonds you have the potential for much higher returns than a low interest savings account with a bank.

— Compound your gains year after year by leaving your money invested to work for you.



1) Sign up

Sign up for an account at

2) Decide how much money

Invest the amount that you are comfortable putting at risk. The minimum is $1,000.

3) Select the fund (and your “Target” year)

Pick the Target Retirement Fund equivalent to the level of risk that you want (

A) Earliest Year:

— Target Retirement 2015 is designed for soon to be retirees and is good for anyone that wants less risk.

— Lowest risk

— Least upside/growth

— Intended for someone who is retiring soon and will carry smaller risk.

B) Latest Year:

— Target Retirement 2060 is designed for teenagers and is good for anyone that wants more risk.

— Highest risk

— Most upside/growth

— Intended for someone who does not need the money for quite a while and will carry larger risk.

C) Or pick a year in the middle.

— Moderate risk.

If you are not sure then pick a Target year equal to roughly when you may need the money.


Long Story Short, invest in an All-In-One “Target Retirement Fund” at

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