The Best Credit Card

Citi Double CashLong Story Short…

The Best Credit Card Is:

Citi Double Cash



Most people should get the Citi Double Cash Mastercard as their primary credit card.


1) Simple

Most people are best off putting all of their spending on one credit card:
A) You only have to pay one bill.
B) You have all of your spending in one place for easier tracking.

2) 2.0% cash back

2.0% cash back is as good as you’re going to get. Here you get 1% immediately and another 1% after you pay. Many reward cards only give you 1%, so 2.0% is a great deal.

3) Other cards are not worth the trouble

A) Mileage reward cards work for some but for most people racking up extra frequent flier miles is not worth the hassle.
— You may lose track of your miles and forget to use them.
— It will be hard to get more value than 2.0% anyway.
B) Basic credit cards are a lost opportunity.
— If you’re using a credit card you might as well get paid 2.0% to do it.


The Fine Print

No annual fee.

0% cash back for 15 months in case you need some extra time to pay (but that is not recommended).


Long Story Short, get a Citi Double Cash Mastercard