The Best Book on Change

Switch: How To Change Things

When Change Is Hard (Link)


The science behind “Change”. Interesting stories and anecdotes that teach you How To Change.


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He rates it 9 out of 10.

“Great great great great GREAT psychology book about real ways to make change last – both personal and organizational. So many powerful insights, based on fact not theory. Inspiring counterintuitive stories of huge organizational change against all odds. Highly recommended for everyone.”


Learn Their 3×3 Framework For Change (Outline):

1) Direct the [Rational brain]

A) Follow the bright spots

B) Script the critical moves

C) Point to the destination

2) Motivate the [Emotional brain]

A) Find the feeling

B) Shrink the change

C) Grow your people

3) Shape the Path

A) Tweak the environment

B) Build habits

C) Rally the herd


The Keys:

In large part, I think the keys are:

1) getting Quick Wins to build momentum, and

2) Motivating with Emotion: “Knowing something isn’t enough to cause change”


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