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Audiobook Recommendation:

Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe

Read by the actor. Interesting behind the scenes stories from Hollywood.


Non-Fiction Book Recommendation:

Switch: How To Change Things When Change Is Hard

Interesting stories and anecdotes that teach you the science behind “Change”.


Memoir Book Recommendation:

Not That Kind of Girl By Lena Dunham

Incredibly entertaining memoir for any fans of Lena Dunham or Girls (her HBO show). She seems brilliant but crazy and that makes it all the more interesting.


Movie Recommendation:


Underrated coming of age story. It’s easy well made, has a unique style, and many moments that ring true.


TV Show Recommendation:

 The Profit

Reality TV at its best. An entrepreneur invests money in failing small businesses and tries to turn them around. Very interesting stuff.

Season 3 begins Tuesday, May 12th 2015 at 10pm ET/PT on CNBC. Old episodes can be found on CNBC or HERE.


Website Recommendation:

The world’s Most Misunderstood, Most Poorly Explained, yet Most Amazing website.

— If you don’t know how Twitter works, the big thing to understand is that 99% of people shouldn’t use Twitter to post anything.

— Twitter is secretly all about reading stuff, not posting stuff.

— So if you like INFORMATION, then try it out, because is chock full of the best kind of information that the internet has to offer:

A) Customizable To Your Interests:

— Only “follow” people that are in areas that interest you. Things like comedians, your local sports team, stock market commentators, etc etc etc.

B) Fast:

— Twitter is the fastest way to get news in any area. No need to wait for tomorrow’s newspaper. You don’t even have to wait a few hours for a reporter to type up a story online.

C) Behind The Scenes:

— Celebrities directly post their thoughts. Famous people directly answer questions from strangers like you.

D) Links That Matter:

— Check out links that others post. If they don’t think its interesting then they wouldn’t have posted it, so you can zero in on links and content that are worth your time.


Band Recommendation:

Bronze Radio Return

Little known band. Great music.



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