The Best Music Player

Spotify LogoLong Story Short…

The Best Music Player Is Spotify



Spotify is the best way to listen to music online.

It’s easy which makes it great.


1) Simple

A) Easy to use

— Easy to play music you don’t own. Click to play songs and everything is just magically streamed for you over the internet.

— Easy to search.

— Easy to save playlists of your favorite songs and bands.

— Easy to share music with your friends.

B) Sync’s across devices.

C) Shows a band’s most popular songs.

D) Let’s you scroll through all the band’s albums.

2) Free

They offer a premium version but the free version will be great for most people. There are occasional ads but it’s not too bad.

3) Better Than The Alternatives

— It’s way easier than searching Youtube to hear songs.

— It’s way more customizable than listening to the radio.

— It’s way cheaper than buying lots of CD’s and MP3’s.

— It’s takes way less energy than singing to yourself.


1) Sign up

Sign up for an account at

2) Download The App On Your Computer (And Phone)

It’s free.

3) Listen To Music

I’m assuming you have headphones?


Long Story Short, download Spotify for all your music listening needs. And checkout what songs I’m listening to lately here